Lessons //

First Lesson!

If you've never driven before book a taster lesson where you'll be taught the Cockpit Drill, how to use the controls and instruments and how to move and stop the car!

Block Bookings

Block booking comes at a discount and you don't have to book the lessons all in one go. If you get your rota a few weeks in advance you can book the lessons you've paid for as and when you know you're free, still taking advantage of the discount!

Theory Training

We offer the complete package and all courses and lessons come with free access to an online theory training course! You'll be allocated a username and password when you start your lessons.

Guaranteed Pass

The guaranteed pass course is the no hassle, flexible and fast way to pass your driving test! The package includes theory and practical tests and includes as many lessons as it takes to get you a driving license. Max duration - 1 year. Max lessons 60. Max tests 4.

Pay As You Go Lessons

Pay as you go lessons may be a good idea to help you budget driving lessons around your other commitments.

Fast Pass Driving Course

Fast Pass driving courses tailored around your availability. Pass your driving test in as little as 3 weeks with us even taking care of  booking and managing your driving test! Contact us to book and tailor a course, or start with a taster first lesson!