What To Expect From A Driving Test//


On the day of your driving test your driving instructor will meet you for test prep and a warm up on the way to the test centre. When you get to the test centre you'll find a parking space where you'll start your driving test. At some driving test centres this will be in the test centre car park and in other test centres you will park on a road near the test centre.

Your driving instructor will accompany you to the test centre and wait with you in the waiting room until the examiner comes out to meet you. They will call your name and ask for your driving licence. Then they'll ask you to sign the insurance and residency declaration at the top of the driving test report. After this they'll ask you to follow them outside and ask you to read a numberplate for the eyesight test. If you're worried about the eyesight test because you think you've got poor vision you should speak to your driving instructor who can give you the same roadside eyesight test that the examiners use, so you know that you'll be able to read the numberplate the driving examiner will ask you to read. 

Once you pass the eyesight test the examiner will ask you to take a seat in the car while they quickly check over the vehicle, mainly looking at the tyres and checking that the general condition of the car is suitable for the driving test.

The driving examiner will join you in the car and ask you a Tell Me question. Once you've answered the tell me question they'll ask you to drive! Take a deep breath, don't for get to do full observation, signal and move away smoothly from the kerb using good clutch control!

Good LUCK!